Project Delivery

Kenaston Corporation works within a variety of project delivery formats, including negotiated general contractor, construction management, design/build and traditional design-bid-build. Regardless of the format, Kenaston Corporation takes a proactive team approach to the delivery of construction services. Whether you're new to the construction process or seasoned, we are confident that our collaborative approach will ensure delivery of a successful project.

Traditional Bid vs. Team

The Traditional Model for construction over the years called for this: architect designs, contractors bid the drawings, the low bid is selected and work begins. It's appeal is the perceived simplicity of the process, but the separation between architect and contractor misses many opportunities and increases project delivery time.

The Team Model offers this: owner, architect and contractor working together throughout the design process evaluating alternatives early on and continuously pricing designs as they evolve. Collaboration is encouraged and the design embodies practical construction solutions without losing its integrity. Kenaston Corporation is experienced working in this environment and we have the ability to draw on the collective resources of Kenaston Corporation in providing this insight.

Team Approach

The key to this approach is having the contractor join the project team early in the process. This allows the owner, architect and builder to work together through design and construction, supporting each other with good information. All members have a clear understanding and a common focus of meeting the project goals.

What are the benefits of the TEAM APPROACH?

Cost certainty
Faster, tighter completion
Superior workmanship
Personnel committed to your mission
Kenaston Corporation's sub/supplier relations

What about competitive bidding?

One of the common misconceptions about the team approach is that it eliminates competitive bidding. On the contrary, competitive bidding is alive and well. With Kenaston Corporation, every section of work is bid competitively in the subcontractor marketplace. The advantage is that we spend time with qualified bidders to ensure their understanding of the design and your expectations. Better bids. No surprises. Cost Control.

The Value Factor

The value of Kenaston Corporation is the experience we add to your team. In any project, the decisions made at the earliest stages of planning and design are the ones that largely determine project cost. We support the architect with the most current construction information. Alternative materials and building systems are reviewed rapidly to capture savings in time and money, or to gain improvements in building performance.

As a team, we offer construction techniques that support your vision by identifying affordable ways to build the project.

We view ourselves as an extension of your staff. We help you to construct facilities we are all proud of, rather than merely fulfilling our contractual obligations.


Construction Management

Kenaston Corporation plays a much larger role with most Owners than straightforward construction services. We take pride in serving our clients as not only their General Contractor, but also their Construction Manager.

What is Construction Management?

Convential construction contracts call for an owner, architect, and general contractor. Although the architect works side by side with the owner during the project development phase, once construction begins, it is often necessary for the owner to step up to the task of overseeing construction to ensure that the project stays on schedule and within budget.

Kenaston Corporation coordinates the flow of information between the owner, architect, and all the subcontractors to ensure not only that key components are not missed during construction, but that there is a fast turn around of information between all parties to make sure that the project stays on track.

Industry Standard Management Tools

Successful Construction Management begins with the implementation of a standardized system to ensure the successful flow of information. That system for Kenaston Corporation is Prolog Manager, a proven project management tool which has served the industry for years. Prolog Manager is considered the industry standard for managing contracts, purchase orders, submittals, requests for information, supplemental instructions, proposal requests, etc....all in one centralized database.

This, in turn, keeps all key team members, subcontractors, and suppliers up to speed with all elements of the projects progress.